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New Product Launch

Taking New Product Marketing Where Flat Mail Can’tHigh-Impact New Product Launch Mailers


Your business has spent months developing a great new product or service line, and you’re ready to take the market by storm. One of your clients has developed a groundbreaking new widget, and as part of their design or marketing team, you are ready to hit the ground running.

If you know Red Paper Plane, you know that we love direct mail. But sometimes, traditional mail (translation: flat mail) can’t fully convey the uniqueness or value of what you have to offer. In these cases, consider a dimensional or immersive new product launch mailer from Red Paper Plane.  Formats like Video in Print mailers, Virtual Reality (VR) Viewers, and three-dimensional direct mailers create interactive, emotional experiences that traditional print can’t mirror.

Think these products are too rich for your budget? Think again! Our template-based and pre-packaged solutions make even the most complex options affordable for smaller projects, and we can do it in short runs and quick turns.

Take, for example, higher education marketing. Photos, maps, and videos are great ways to tell your story to prospective students. But, frankly, everybody is doing that. The immersive experience of Virtual Reality (VR) takes the college “look book” to an entirely new level. Mail VR Viewers to your top-tier candidates and let them experience your campus in a way that traditional photos and videos can’t.  Let prospective students “walk” the campus or “sit in” on a class. Put them in a stadium filled with screaming classmates as they cheer your school’s team on to victory.  Virtual reality evokes an emotional experience in a way that traditional formats can’t.

Interested? Check out our selection of affordable VR Viewers to sell that awesome product that can only be fully appreciated through an immersive experience.

Video in Print brochures provide another option for marketing an out-of-the-box product. Say you are a commercial real estate agency marketing the sale or rental of a new office building. Pictures can tell a powerful story, but that story really comes to life in video. The prospect opens a video brochure with video from an airplane flying around the building, giving you a 360-degree view of the structure and its surrounding location. Recipients can then “walk” through the highlights of the building as you showcase its glass atriums, ocean or mountain views, and spacious offices.

What if you are marketing something more traditional? In a B2B context, say, an advanced VoIP system? Consider using one of our Pop-Up, Telescoping, or “Exploding” mailers. These formats provide interactive experiences and multiple surface areas for explaining different features or benefits of the product. Remove the band and watch the cube explode into shape, then rotate the cube to view marketing content on each of the six separate panels. Or unfold the pages of one of our Exploding Page to reveal different uses, market verticals, and scenarios under which the system could be used.

Product marketing is challenging, and both you and your competitors are clamoring for the attention of the same customers. Video in Print, Virtual Reality, and interactive print formats enable you to do break through in a way that out “wows” the competition. Even if you are smaller or mid-sized marketer, Red Paper Plane’s 100% customizable templates and short-run capabilities make even the most complex formats accessible.

Get out in front of the competition and see what these formats can do!



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