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Interact Communications Sends Holiday Cheer to Clients in the Small Well Box

Interact Communications Sends Holiday Cheer to Clients in the Small Well Box
May 16, 2019

Interact Communications, a communications services company that works exclusively with two-year community and technical colleges, wanted to send clients a holiday greeting, yet they weren’t looking to send just any old direct mail piece. Rather, it had to set the company apart in a fun, yet strategic way.

“We were looking for something that is interactive; that they can open and feel like it’s something more than just a piece of paper,” said Jasmine Tully, the team’s InHouse Graphic Designer who was responsible for designing the piece. “So we requested samples of different Red Paper Plane pieces and one of them was your Well Box.”

As the name implies, the Well Box features a rectangular well in which brands can place a USB device, keychain or other promotional items unique to their business.

“A co-worker of mine thought it would be awesome to be able to fill the well with a little gift for the client,” Tully said. “That’s kind of where it started. From there, we worked on what we were going to put in there and how that would affect the orientation of the box.”

What began as a vertical Well Box sample, soon evolved into into a horizontal holiday package.

Tully designed the box to showcase Interact Communications’ two offices - one in Wisconsin and one in California - in a marriage of wintery perfection. In keeping with the seasonal theme, she included a special thank you message signed by the team and a mini mason jar filled with hot chocolate and homemade marshmallows for the recipient to enjoy.

“The piece ended up working out really well,” she said. “We were able to mock up the sample here and work remotely with our team in California on the design. The Red Paper Plane interface was super easy to understand and I was able to follow all the guidelines.”

The finished pieces, which were shipped to Interact Communications’ California office, were distributed to top education officials at colleges throughout the U.S. during the 2018 holiday season. Though she hasn’t yet seen the piece in-person yet, Tully said the teams at both offices has been happy with how it turned out.

“They were all excited about it,” she said.

While well boxes were still being distributed to clients at the time of this interview, Jasmine shared that the California team was very pleased with the outcome.