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JM&A "Surprises" Financial Customers with Recent Promotional Campaign

JM&A "Surprises" Financial Customers with Recent  Promotional Campaign
September 24, 2019

Customers come to Red Paper Plane for engaging dimensional direct mail designs that take people by surprise. For Jim Moran & Associates (JM&A) our Surprise Slider fit that bill.

When the team at JM&A, an independent provider of finance and insurance products within the automotive industry, began devising a promotional campaign for their customers, they turned to Red Paper Plane.

“We were looking to launch a contest where customers could win a trip to either The Atlantis in the Bahamas or The Breakers in Palm Beach,” said Stefano Bontempo, Incentive Compliance Analyst at JM&A. “We wanted to use something that kind of brought them together, but still split them apart at the same time. We thought the Surprise Slider was a perfect opportunity because of the jumping aspect, the excitement of opening it for the first time.”

The Surprise Slider acts as a great desktopper, which keeps your brand top of mind. A pull tab slides out the inner well box and, unexpectedly, two hidden pop up cubes spring from their well. The design is especially great for event marketing, new customer acquisition or, in JM&A’s case, a promotional campaign. Additionally, the piece has a longer shelf life than that of a standard letter or postcard since recipients are more likely to share it with friends and colleagues.

“Everybody thought it was awesome,” Bontempo said. “It was really nice, really professionally done and it worked in terms of, you know, surprising our customers. It was a really well done piece."