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Missouri Star Quilt Company Spreads Holiday Cheer & Brand Awareness with The Flapper®

Missouri Star Quilt Company Spreads Holiday Cheer & Brand Awareness with The Flapper®
November 11, 2019

It’s the holiday season, whether you like it or not, and for businesses looking to take advantage of all this end-of-year gift-giving, it can be overwhelming to create marketing that will get you noticed and separate you from the crowd.

But not for Missouri Star Quilt Company.

The family-owned business, who has worked with Red Paper Plane previously, knew that the answer to getting their customers’ attention was to stand out in a good way. To promote their brand, the team used Red Paper Plane’s patented Flapper® design to house their gift cards last season.

They used the design not only to tell a "holiday story", but also to showcase patterns and fabrics they sell. While the holiday greeting was displayed on the front panel, the gift card was hidden on the inside.

The Flapper®, a patented design trademarked by Structural Graphics, is a unique piece that folds into itself allowing for multiple panels to showcase brand messaging and, in this case, hold a gift card. Not only can it be customized on RedPaperPlane.com, but it also ships flat in a transparent sleeve addressed to the recipient.

Alex said that Red Paper Plane’s online interface was crucial in designing this piece. “Being able to see our artwork on-screen in the exact position it would be printed was extremely helpful,” she said.

The verdict?

“I think everybody is very happy with it,” Alex said. “Our marketing team has started to promote sales of this on our website and in-stores, so we should start to see how our customers are responding to this in the next couple of months.”

To check these pieces out or to purchase, visit https://www.missouriquiltco.com/ .