Product or Service Launch

Your business has spent months developing a great new product or service line, and you’re ready to take the market by storm, but so are your competitors. This is why traditional mail (translation: flat mail) can’t fully convey the uniqueness or value of what you have to offer. In these cases, consider a dimensional or immersive new product launch mailer from Red Paper Plane. Formats like Video in Print mailers, Virtual Reality (VR) Viewers, and three-dimensional direct mailers create interactive, emotional experiences that traditional print, or digital marketing for that matter, can’t mirror.

You and your competitors are looking to attract the same best prospects. Make sure your message stands out with Red Paper Plane’s engaging, attention-getting direct mail designs. Our dimensional formats have helped hundreds of Marketers improve their New Product Launch efforts, stealing the attention from traditional flat materials everyone else is using, making yours the business that is identified, remembered, and chosen. We want to add you to that list.

Take a look at our New Product Launch Case Studies to learn how you can be a successful Marketer with Red Paper Plane.


Bona U.S. Flapper®

The services company was looking for a creative design to educate contractors on their new oil-based stain for hardwood floors, and also showcase examples of what it can do. The multiple panels of the Flapper® allowed our client to separate several images and content into various sections, in an engaging manner for the end user.


Buckman International 4.25" Pop Up Cube

The manufacturing company wanted to create a B2B marketing piece that would leave a lasting impression while promoting the company’s latest offering: Vybrant® pre-bleach enzymatic technology. The 4.25" Pop Up Cube automatically and unexpectedly popped into fully dimensional shape once removed from its belly band, capturing the attention of the target audience.


Bar-S Foods 7" Landscape Video Brochure

The Consumer Package Goods company used this interactive video brochure to inform clients and prospects about the new packaging for their products that launched in Q1 of 2018. Combining video with a high-impact printed format adds more engagement to your marketing efforts, creating a lasting impression of your brand with your target audience.


INSP Web Key Brochure

The Entertainment company wanted to showcase a new original television series and promote the return of two other original series, but with over 400 networks competing for the attention of this very valuable 300 people, they needed a marketing piece that would capture attention. Once recipients of this mailer inserted the Web Key into their computers, they were driven to INSP's online communications. SUCCESS STORY

IDI Billing Solutions Center Pop

The piece promoted IDI’s services to 1,000 higher level executives. When marketing to such a tight vertical, it’s very difficult to capture their attention. Once the Center Pop is removed from its envelope, a panel pops out automatically and unexpectedly from the base, creating a great desktop design that recipients will want to hold onto, keeping your brand top of mind.


Ameritas SleekPeeks® Virtual Reality Viewer

Ameritas promoted a new life insurance product to their sales force, who would be selling the product. Our client developed a video for recipients to view with their VR viewers, creating an engaging experience of Ameritas' brand and product.


Smoky Lake Maple 4.25" Pop Up Cube

The Consumer Package Goods company does one big mailing each year that coincides with the holiday season. This was used as an incentive for people to purchase products through their website. About 28% of customers redeemed their coupon code from the promotion, and it helped the company exceed its prior year’s sales by 31%!


Eze Castle Small Well Box

The Financial Services company created this packaging design to turn new prospects onto the company’s Cloud-based solutions. The box contained a promotional item on the inside that related to the company's offering, further engaging the recipient.


First American Video Brochure

The Financial Services company wanted to showcase a recent client success video the team had created that spotlighted how FAEF helped to finance the move and expansion of an accounting firm in Denver. The Video Mailer was targeted at C-level executives working in professional services, and helped to capture the attention of the decision maker audience.


CBUSA Pop Up House

The group of independent builders used this pop up mailer to introduce the primary value proposition of their services to both cold and warm leads, and to brand their business in an engaging manner.


The Lund Company 4.3" Center Reveal Video Screen Brochure

The Real Estate company used this video mailer for a recent marketing project designed to display an apartment property that was for sale. Video is highly visual and auditory, which means it’s easier for people to remember than text-based content, ultimately translating to better brand loyalty and more lead-driven sales.


EI Microcircuits Flapper®

The manufacturing company wanted to find a creative way to display their solutions that paired well with their brand. They used The Flapper® to promote their Ninja Circuits prototype services to prospective customers. Due to the engaging nature of the panels constantly unfolding, the design offered plenty of real estate for their brand and messaging.