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  • The Year of the Piggy Pop Up

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    Now that the end of the year is upon us, it’s time to reflect on your company’s 2018 Marketing efforts, and plan ahead for 2019. Not only are dimensional direct mail formats unique and engaging, but Red Paper Plane’s attention-getting solutions keep your company top of mind through the new year and beyond.

    Not to mention, 2019 is the Year of the Pig according to Chinese New Year, so this would be an excellent way to capitalize on using one of Red Paper Plane's newest designs, the Piggy Pop Up, in your marketing efforts. 

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  • IMV Imaging Transforms their Brand with the Magic Changing Picture

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    In the midst of her company’s rebrand, Marketing Associate Bethany McCain was looking for an inventive way to show her clients that the service and contacts they knew and loved wouldn’t be affected.

    So, McCain, who works for IMV Imaging, outsourced a graphic designer and started looking for a unique direct mail piece that would make her vision come to life.

  • RJ Health “Falls Away” from the Clutter with this Promotional Mailer

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    In today’s age of information overload, the attention of prospective customers is the most valuable currency marketers have. But how does one break through the clutter?

    That question was at the heart of a recent project for RJ Health.

    According to Jeremiah Dart, the company’s marketing director, they were looking for a creative way to get people to visit a particular landing page and, once there, register. With customers’ contact information in hand, RJ Health would then be able to reach out and discuss an API solution with regard to their health insurance claims.

  • Bring Home the Bacon with the Piggy Pop!

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    One newer product offering on Red Paper Plane that is sure to take recipients by surprise is the Piggy Pop Up. You might be wondering just how you can use this product in your company’s marketing efforts…

    It’s known that the universal symbol for savings is, in fact, a Piggy bank, and what’s great about this Piggy Pop Up is that there is a coin slot located at the top of the mailer that acts as a Piggy bank for your clients.

  • Smoky Lake Maple Exceeds Sales By 31% with the Pop Up Cube

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    For Angela Schumacher, owner of Smoky Lake Maple Products, LLC, a recent Christmas campaign was a few years in the making.

    “The first time I heard about you guys [Red Paper Plane] was at the Denver HOW Conference and I held onto that sample that you guys gave me for years thinking, “I’ve got to do this, I’ve got to do this,” she said in a phone interview. “It was so cool. When I finally had an opportunity to use it where it made sense, I jumped at the opportunity.”

  • Red Paper Plane Puts IDI Billing Solutions at the Center of C-Suite Executives’ Attention

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    IDI Billing Solutions based a recent marketing project around one single word: cybnophobia.

    “The piece is very simple but effective,” said Sarah Viggiani, who works in digital marketing at the company. Sarah is referring to none other than Red Paper Plane's Center Pop design!

    The piece, which promotes IDI’s services, was sent to about 1,000 higher level executives. “When marketing to this tight vertical, it’s very difficult to grab the attention of the C-Suite,” she said. “This is why this dimensional piece is so great. Literally, you’re going to open up the envelope and it’s going to pop out on your desk. It’s such an amazing piece.”

  • Buckman International Leaves a Lasting Impression Using the 4.25” Pop Up Cube

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    Some may call us biased, but, when it comes to marketing, there’s really nothing quite like dimensional print.

    And for Jeff Blakenship, owner of Blakenship Creative, he’s in total agreement. His client, Buckman International, wanted to create a business-to-business marketing piece that would leave a lasting impression and promote the company’s latest offering: Vybrant® pre-bleach enzymatic technology. So, naturally, he turned to none other than Red Paper Plane! 

  • Advanced Communications Technology (ACT) Engages Prospects with the Large Exploding Page

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    Advanced Communications Technology (ACT), a full-service communications solutions provider headquartered in Sheriden, WY, has focused recent efforts on growing its network and improving sales processes and standards.

    “I was sending out our sales guys with folders with six to 10 pieces of paper,” said JJ McGinnis, ACT’s Marketing Coordinator. “You can dress it up, but at the end of the day, you still have a folder with papers inside.”

    Something had to change, and that's where Red Paper Plane came into play. 

  • Morefield Communications Informs Key Healthcare Prospects with the Magic Changing Picture

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    Morefield Communications prides itself on being a nimble, local company that delivers their customers speedy support and quick turn-around times. While looking for ways to introduce their services to key prospects in the healthcare industry, the team decided to go dimensional with their marketing efforts. Specifically, they chose Red Paper Plane's Magic Changing Picture design. 

  • ARAG Legal Converts Top Prospects with the Promotional Well Box

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    Some marketing challenges can evolve over time, while others are perennial — like lead generation. So, when Jamie Thomassen, B2B senior marketing consultant at ARAG Legal, had a list of top prospects after a recent trade show, she knew that she had an opportunity to convert. “We wanted to send something that would stand out and get noticed in the mail,” she said. What did Jamie and her team do next? They turned to none other than the interactive dimensional print marketing experts at Red Paper Plane.