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About Us

Red Paper Plane is a division of Structural Graphics,LLC , a dimensional direct mail company with over 40 years experience working with the Who’s Who of marketers.  Structural Graphics has created close to 40,000 designs for clients in almost every industry and holds many U.S. Patents for these mechanisms.  We are a passionate group that loves to create and deliver experiences that surprise and delight our clients.  There is no other company in the world that has the depth of creative resources and paper engineers than we have here. 

Red Paper Plane was an extensive development effort that is now providing our clients with an easy and intuitive way to design our high-impact formats online.  Anyone can customize our direct mail formats with their logo, photos and text using our online design tool in a fraction of the time it used to take to place art to one of our templates offline.
Whether you're an experienced designer, a marketing professional or small business owner you'll find that we created this online experience with your needs in mind.