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4 Game-Changing Marketing Strategies that Connect Print & Digital

4 Game-Changing Marketing Strategies that Connect Print & Digital
February 3, 2020

Which marketing technique is more effective: Digital ads or direct mail?

Now, it may seem like digital alone is a sufficient solution for everything these days, and with good reason. The vast benefits of behavioral data analytics are helping businesses everywhere identify key trends and bridge the gaps with both present and prospective customers.

That said, direct mail is still very much an effective mode of communication. Just look at the ANA/DMA’s 2018 Response Rate Report, which found that direct mail advertising resulted in open rates from five to nine times greater than those for email, paid, search, or social media. Five to nine times greater!

Thus, the best answer to the question above is a nuanced one: Digital and direct mail should be utilized in tandem. And as for the how, here are a few ways to leverage them together:

1. Think Outside the Box with Website Analytics

Don’t limit your analytics to digital campaigns. If you can crunch the numbers and identify prospective sources for high traffic, extend these findings to your direct mail marketing ideas!

For example, if people from a particular industry are visiting your website in droves, target the key decision-makers at similar companies with your promotional content. And then, if the data supports it, do the same for other demographics like age, gender, interests, and geographic area.

Some vendors even have this system set up automatically, delivering relevant postcards based solely on a customer’s browsing and shopping activity.

2. Use Print to Drive Online Traffic

Here’s where the magic of USB web keys come into play.

Typically, you send the mail, they open it, and that’s the end of the story. But with our web key mailers, you’re actually propelling the customer journey from print material to online interaction and potential purchase.

Basically, you pre-program these little paper-based keys (see photo below) with a custom message. When the recipient plugs the key into their USB port, your creative message pops up and directs them to further online resources.

3. Coordinate a Two-Headed Attack

It’s a layered approach: Direct mail can support online ads and vice versa.

Let’s say that you’ve examined the data, identified a key segment of potential customers, and are now directing Facebook ads into their feeds. You can bolster the strength of this campaign by adding a layer of engaging direct mail.

Imagine: On top of your Facebook promos, they receive an eye-catching, creative mailer that doubly displays your benefits. And, perhaps more importantly, it will exponentially increase the likelihood that your business name stays top-of-mind.

4. Reach Out...And Then Reach Out Some More

Once a prospect becomes a bona fide customer, there’s still more to be done in the way of following up. After all, we’re trying to build lasting relationships with these clients - not just one-off sales.

So here lies another great opportunity to utilize the deadly combo of email and direct mail flyers. With the former, you should ask for feedback and assess satisfaction levels; with the latter, help them look ahead by presenting new services, product samples, USB web keys, coupons, or other enticing opportunities.

Taken together, this strategy is a great way to not only reinforce your brand image but also cultivate a sentiment of genuine trust.

Suffice it to say: In today’s marketing landscape, both online advertising and direct mailing services are key components.

Finding the right balance between the two can certainly be a tricky trial-and-error process. But if you monitor online trends, define your customer base, and effectively tap into both of these channels, you’ll soon enjoy a much greater ROI for your company’s marketing dollar.

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