5 Tips to Write Engaging Direct Mail Copy

5 Tips to Write Engaging Direct Mail Copy

5 Tips to Write Engaging Direct Mail Copy

Direct mail copywriting isn’t dead.

In fact, many findings say it’s more effective than email. But in today’s digital climate, engaging people through direct mail can be a tall task.

Attention spans are shrinking. Distractions are growing. And all the while, we marketers need to hook our audiences and engage them into acting.

So how do we do it? By cultivating a nuanced marketing strategy that we refine through iteration after iteration. But on a micro-level, we can start with these 5 direct mail messaging tips:

  1. Read the room. Before you write anything, let’s ask: Who are you writing to?

To capture your audience, you need to first understand their desires and pain points. And from there, you can figure out how your product/service can play into their story.

So — study your audience! Ask questions, send surveys, and directly interact with them. Then: Keep an eye on the metrics to assess their behaviors and see what they do/don’t respond to.

At the end of the day, make sure to write to them; not to your colleagues or investors. They’re the target. And if you have different types of readers, there’s no harm in segmenting your copy accordingly.

  1. Grab ‘em and never let go. We’ve heard it a million times: “You don’t get a second chance at a first impression.”

So make your first impression count with a killer headline. Keep it short and to-the-point while invoking as much curiosity as possible. For instance, instead of:

A generic headline, like “John’s lawn-cutting service”

Or an abstract one, like “We have the solution to your problem”

You could try:

A more precise headline, like “Save $200 on this year’s lawn service!”

Or one that speaks directly to user pain points: “Banish weeds with our homegrown formula.”

With these latter examples, we’re left wondering about this magic formula or envisioning what we’d do with an extra $200. That’s the effect we want our direct mail copywriting to have!

  1. Get to the point! You’re not writing a novel here. Most of your readers will be scanning the copy to absorb the main ideas.

So make it easy on them! Organize your info into short paragraphs. Better yet, throw in bullet points & lists. If applicable, add relevant graphics as well.

Break your sections up with subheadings and use bolded type for the important stuff (don’t overdo it, though, or you’ll swing from engaging to distracting).

All of this with the goal of making the read quick and easy.

  1. Show them the way. Okay, let’s say they’ve read through it all — but now what? Your direct mail copywriting must have a purpose, and your call to action needs to facilitate that purpose.

If you want the reader to call or email, provide your contact info. If you want them to browse your website, add a link. If you want them to enter your physical store, attach a redeemable coupon and list your address.

Whatever your goals, make the next steps clear and easy. That way, not only will you increase the likelihood of response, but you’ll also be able to measure your ROI.

  1. Look beyond the copy.When engaging people through direct mail, you want your copy and physical mailer to work in tandem.

If you’re sending a 3D mailer in the shape of a self-standing snowflake, maybe mention winter in your headline. Or if you’re sending something high-tech, like a video or virtual reality mailer, perhaps allude to that content in your text.

Because in order for direct mail copywriting to be most effective, it has to enhance the physical mailer it’s printed on. It shouldn’t be written to stand alone

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