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5 Ways To Skyrocket Your Direct Mail Open Rates

5 Ways To Skyrocket Your Direct Mail Open Rates
February 3, 2020

Direct mail is thriving!

One recent study actually found direct mail open rates to be five to nine times greater than those for email, paid search, or social media.

In a different recent survey of 1,200 consumers, over 75% of responses confirmed that direct mail gave them the greatest confidence in making buying decisions.

The conclusion is clear: People respond to tactile marketing. But now, natural follow-up questions emerge: How do you get your message to stand out? How do you maximize the ROI on your creative direct mail ideas and make them “must-open” pieces?

By following the secrets of the trade, of course. Consider these five tried-and-true techniques:

1. Bright Colors, Bold Writing

Before you get too fancy, make sure to nail home the basics.

For starters, bold, colored text is a surefire way to make your message clear and eye-catching, especially if it’s alongside a snappy image. Keep it modest, though; too much flash is overbearing and too many words will lose your reader. Strive for brevity where possible.

2. Shape Your Message - Literally

When was the last time you got excited about a standard white or beige envelope? What about another rectangular flyer?

… Yeah, we can’t remember either. That’s why we’re so big on incorporating unique shapes and colors: To make sure your marketing mailer stands out from the pile.

3. 3D Design: Demand To Be Noticed

Remember the childish excitement of opening a pop-up picture book? Well, that thrill never really goes away; 3-dimensional mail designs like boxes, folding cards, and multi-layered elements are just begging to be opened.

Red Paper Plane has a number of innovative direct mail options, including a selection of multi-purpose pop-up mailers that can double as useful desk items for the recipient. For instance, our particularly handy Hexagon Pen Pot actually folds into a functional pen holder!

4. A World of Interactive Possibilities

The true power of creative design and 3D lies in interaction. In truly leveraging people’s curiosity and desire to “play.”

Consider RPP’s various Hidden Message Mailers, which entice recipients with structural wizardy. Unlike mundane white envelopes, these effectively invite readers to partake in mini visual puzzles.

5. Gifts and Samples Are the Ultimate “Thank You”

Say it with us: Everyone loves free stuff. Coupons, gifts, and especially product samples immediately empower a direct mail piece to engage its recipient.

Whether it’s such a tangible takeaway, an entrancing color scheme, an attention-grabbing design, or a combination of all three, you can find it at Red Paper Plane. We’re proud to lead the industry of mail advertising solutions that entrench your brand where it belongs: Top of mind and top of heart.