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6 Ideas For Creating Interactive Print Advertising

6 Ideas For Creating Interactive Print Advertising
November 13, 2020

In today's digital world, it's easy to let print go by the wayside. However, effective print advertising, especially if it's interactive and engaging, works well alongside digital efforts. It combines the tactile qualities of print with the interactivity of digital media.

What is interactive print advertising? Instead of sending a simple letter, brochure or postcard, marketers can now include an interactive element that gets the recipient involved in the experience. Many times, there's a QR Code in the advertisement to send the reader to a digital experience online, or perhaps there a Virtual Reality or Video component to it.

There are many possibilities for interactive print advertising, but let's look at some ideas you might start with:

1. Make it three-dimensional. While not as high-tech as some of the other ideas offered here, three-dimensional mail is interactive in that the recipient opens it to reveal something else, or the piece becomes functional after opening. Check out Red Paper Plane's custom Pop Up Mailers and unique Desktoppers to spur your imagination. The possibilities are endless.

2. Hide a message for readers to find. This interactive mail option is great for revealing a solution to a problem or revealing a message in stages. Red Paper Plane's Hidden Message Mailers enable users to reveal hidden copy by extending a tab or opening a secret panel.

3. Change the image. Sending mailers that appear to be one thing but change to reveal another is a simple way to stand out. Red Paper Plane offers a line of memorable Image Changing Mailers that are great for before and after messages, revealing product and service benefits, presenting a problem and solution, and much more. Recipients pull a tab or fold a crease, and the image changes before their eyes, delivering a high-impact message.

4. Send them to the Internet. A great way to drive your audience online is to incorporate a detachable Web Key into print advertising that can be inserted into the port of a computer. The key automatically drives to a programmed URL site that can be a virtual reality experience, a survey, a video or anything else that fits into your campaign. Red Paper Plane's Web Key Brochures and Mailers offer an affordable, customizable option for mailers whose goal is to drive prospects to online communications.

5. Send a video. Perhaps you'd rather send the video itself instead of the Web Key. This is a great way to capture attention, as it's an unexpected element in print advertising. Red Paper Plane offers custom Video Brochures and Mailers that fit the bill perfectly. We even have some Quick Turn Video Mailers that can be ready in just 7 to 10 business days. Our sleek Video Business Card offers a small, but mighty, way to capture attention with a video that automatically plays upon opening. If you're looking for something larger for a more involved message, you might opt for the 5" Video Hardcover Brochure or even our 7" Video Screen Well Box.

6. Use Virtual Reality. Virtual reality, or VR, marries well with print advertising, because the print drives the audience to an online immersive experience. Red Paper Plane offers five different SleekPeeksĀ® Custom VR Viewers in a range of styles and price points. These easy-to-use viewers help marketers capture recipients' attention and takes them to an interactive experience they won't forget.

Red Paper Plane is here for you when you need us for turnkey interactive print solutions. Please don't hesitate to contact us at 860-469-3200 if you have any questions.



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