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A Company Re-Brand Calls For Unique Marketing Collateral

A Company Re-Brand Calls For Unique Marketing Collateral
May 14, 2020

Who: insightsoftware

Their Industry: Computer Software & Financial Reporting

Their Audience: Businesses & Enterprises

Their Challenge: Develop a brand and product presence for insightsoftware, a new brand created from the merger of Global Software, Inc. and insightsoftware.com International.

Our Solution: The Tablet Flapper®, one of Red Paper Plane's Image Changing Mailers.

The Main Pro: The Tablet Flapper® has 4 different viewing panels that sequentially fold into each other to reveal the message on each. Telling a never-ending story in this completely engaging way makes it hard for viewers to put down.

“We wanted to give recipients a guide to choosing one of our solutions,” Brand Manager, Aleksandra Palmer said. “The Flapper® allowed us to guide them through an elimination process to determine their interest in ‘a’ versus ‘b’. With so many companies using the same kinds of marketing resources, The Flapper® gave us a more exciting piece than the average collateral. From a creative standpoint, it gave us the flexibility to create something interesting with more real estate than a standard flyer of the same size. We could actually 'talk' to our customers more and be more effective.”

Aleksandra said interactivity was a “big factor” for her when it came to designing this piece with their agency Bloom Media. "It’s something that makes you stop for a second to investigate,” she said. “It causes people to pause. It causes people to play with it a little bit. It has all those ‘whoa, wait a minute’ stopping points. It has those additional things that make you want to keep it.”