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A New "Spin" On Holiday Greetings

A New "Spin" On Holiday Greetings
September 18, 2020

Who: Insight Creative, Inc.

Their Industry: Advertising Agencies

Their Audience: Customers of their Medical Device Clients, CorLife LLC and CorHome LLC

Their Challenge: To create a unique holiday card that would stand out from the pack, by "one-upping" their own previous cards.

Our Solution: The Circle Spinner Holiday Card

The Main Pro: Opening the card causes the three concentric circles on the cover to spin into a dimensional, circular shape.

“We immediately thought the Circle Spinner Card would work,” said Jay Bauer, Creative Director at Insight Creative. “We kind of have a circular logo that the card’s shape mimics, and thought we could feature one company on each side. It really lent itself to using all the colors in their brands and we were able to use those circles to keep a festive look, but still stay on brand with the CorLife brand.”

The finished piece, which was distributed to customers in late 2019, turned out exactly as Jay had expected after seeing the proof.

“As an innovative thinking company, our hope is that customers keep [our clients] top of mind and want to pick up the phone,” he said. “I would say we were 99% satisfied. 99 because nothing is perfect. But our client was definitely satisfied and really loved your card.”