Acentria Insurance Wanted to Deliver a Direct Mail Piece with Staying Power

Acentria Insurance Wanted to Deliver a Direct Mail Piece with Staying Power

Acentria Insurance Wanted to Deliver a Direct Mail Piece with Staying Power

Who: Acentria Insurance

Their Industry: Insurance

Their Audience: Human Resource Professionals and Business Owners

Their Challenge: Delivering a direct mail piece that has staying power

Our Solution: Magic Changing Picture

The Main Pro: The interactivity of changing an image with the pull of a tab engages potential clients reaching them in a memorable and interactive way


With over 50 locations and 127,500+ clients served, Acentria Insurance is a leader in the commercial and personal insurance industry. When a competitive carrier pulled out of the market, they were presented with a great opportunity to attract new clients. To seize the moment, they wanted to make an immediate impact by getting their name out in a memorable way that showcased who they are. Red Paper Plane’s Magic Changing Picture was exactly what they needed to accomplish those goals.


When asked why they chose the Magic Changing Picture, Ginnie Littrell, Marketing Coordinator at Acentria Insurance, said, “I really liked how when you pulled the tab out, it revealed more information. So, it wasn’t just something to view, it was something to interact with.”



Acentria’s audience were busy HR professionals and business owners. These are groups who receive a ton of mail but rarely stop to read it - so most items quickly find their way to the trash. The team at Acentria saw the surprise and interactivity of the Magic Changing Picture as a way for their mailer to avoid that same fate. Being able to engage the recipient in the message opened the door to the next stage of bringing that client on board.


“We could not physically be there to hand it to them, so this material had to speak for itself,” Ginnie said. “For that reason we like to market with designs and materials that can make a difference by creating an impression and actually staying around for longer than a minute or two.”


The Magic Changing Picture has that staying power. We look forward to hearing about the impact the Magic Changing Picture has made on your soon-to-be-clients.