Ameritas Builds Awareness with SleekPeeks®

Ameritas Builds Awareness with SleekPeeks®

Ameritas Builds Awareness with SleekPeeks®

When the president of your company says, “This is the best promotion ever", you know you’ve done something right.

So for Laurie Baille, a producer strategist in Ameritas’ marketing department, and her team, the choice to work with Red Paper Plane was a true win-win.

“We knew we wanted to do a VR video for this campaign,” Baille said. She added that she liked the fact that the total cost she saw on included everything.

“I like that you would handle the mailing - you would address everything and send it out for us. I didn’t have to pay for you to ship it to me and then pay to have it mailed out. I also liked the envelope that’s included. Basically, the inside of the envelope is a flyer so for some of our audience that isn’t tech savvy, they could still get the information in the video without actually watching the video.”

For the Ameritas team, this was the perfect fit.

The introduction of inexpensive VR headsets has made it possible for brands to deliver the ultimate interactive experience to consumers, allowing them to literally walk a mile in someone else’s shoes.

With our SleekPeeks®, you can fully customize these viewers with your brand colors, logos and other imagery. Not only are they cost-effective, but they ship flat and take seconds to assemble.

The Ameritas campaign was meant to create awareness of a new life insurance product within their sales force, who would actually be selling the product.

Building upon the campaign’s beach theme, Baille and an in-house designer developed a video that featured the actuary, who designed and developed the product in Ameritas’ home office, underwater.

To really bring the piece full circle, the viewer, itself, was customized to look like a snorkeling mask.

“It turned out great,” Baille said. “It’s already gotten a lot of positive feedback, a lot of excitement around doing something different than insurance companies usually do. That was our main goal: to break through the clutter of all the messages that our agents get because they don’t sell just for us. They sell for a lot of different companies, so our goal was to break through that clutter and get them to notice our product.”