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Biotech Manufacturer Finds a Way to Break Through COVID Fatigue

Biotech Manufacturer Finds a Way to Break Through COVID Fatigue
May 11, 2021

Who: Streck

Their Industry: Biotechnology Manufacturer

Their Audience: Hematology laboratories and hospitals or clinical labsAccepted Students

Their Challenge: Break through the COVID-induced digital fatigue

Our Solution: The Flipbook

The Main Pro: Five pages that flip with the pull of a tab let you to tell your story in five parts with The Flipbook

To promote A1c-Cellular®, a first-of-its-kind control that monitors the entire HbA1c testing process, the team at Streck decided to ditch the expected digital-first mentality by opting for direct mail.

At a time when COVID-19 was forcing many people around the world to remain at home and on their devices, Streck’s Marketing Services Manager, Zach Friesen, said he and his team “wanted to bring something fresh to our audience”.

“We didn’t want to just send a flat mailer or a brochure,” Friesen said. We “wanted something interactive and tactile; something that would look a feel different than just a standard envelope when it arrived so it would spark some curiosity and interest.”

After using Red Paper Plane in the past, Friesen said he was looking at the designs available on the site and happened to notice the Flipbook option.

“The Flipbook is a really good design for us in particular because its 5 separate panels allow us to tell the complete story of how what we do benefits people” Friesen said. “It’s a fun and impactful piece that conveys our information quickly, simply and memorably. Since the mailing, interest in A1c-Cellular® has steadily increased.”

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