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CHG Healthcare turns dumpster fires into diamonds

CHG Healthcare turns dumpster fires into diamonds
October 13, 2021

Ranked in 2021 as one of the Best Places to Workby Glassdoor, CHG Healthcare has been placing hard-to-find healthcare providers in the most hard-to-staff locations since 1979. As a leader in the healthcare services industry, they wanted to celebrate those clients who were also ranked as one of the Best Places to Work. The plan was to invite those designees for a coffee at an upcoming Chicago gala to commemorate their having accomplished the achievement, especially after such a challenging year. They didn’t want to just send a regular flat invitation and, after, coming across our Wonder Wheel Reveal, they knew they had their winner.

We spoke with the team at CHG Healthcare including Tina Betz, Marketing Production Coordinator, Eva Noble, Designer, and Mike Phillips, Writer. When asked why they chose the Wonder Wheel Reveal the team agreed they wanted something with “stopping power” that recipients would want to show their friends and family. They wanted to really grab the attention of their audience with something that, as Eva described, “acted like animation on paper.” With its rotating tab, the Wonder Wheel Reveal does just that; magically changing the invitations’ initial image from a “dumpster fire” to a “diamond. The design checked off all the boxes CHG Healthcare wanted to achieve for delivering their invite in a memorable way.

The CHG team complimented the high quality of the Wonder Wheel Reveal and the benefit of Red Paper Planes ordering flexibility. “We only sent these invitations to a select few, so we didn’t need to order a lot of them. Finding low-quantity, high-quality printed paper products is hard to come by. said Mike. “If we couldn’t have printed the small quantity at Red Paper Plane, we wouldn’t have been able to do it.”

We congratulate CHG Healthcare for thinking outside the box to reach a select audience with a memorable design they made distinctively theirs.