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CMO-ToGo Generates New Leads with Video in Print

CMO-ToGo Generates New Leads with Video in Print
July 1, 2018

Innovative and creative marketing strategies are imperative to the success of a brand. And with more than two decades of marketing experience, ranging from direct mail to digital, Project Manager Angelique Tobin knew a good thing when she saw it.

Angelique, who works for marketing consultancy CMO-ToGo, said a client specializing in microbial seed treatment was looking for a way to introduce themselves to prospects and generate new leads. One approach was through the use of a direct mail piece.

In the past, Angelique said the company had been doing some postcard-type mailings but nothing that was hugely impactful for them. So, CMO-ToGo took on the project and were given a list of potential vendors to work with. Red Paper Plane was not on it.

While looking for inspiration for the project, Angelique found exactly what she was looking for: a video brochure that was both customizable for the client and fit within their approved budget.

“I’ve been doing direct mail for a number of years and had never done a video brochure, so this was a first for me,” she said. “It was just really unique and I think for an intro into the market, it was a great way to make a statement.

“What we were doing was trying to give the prospects more information with less to read and something that would be compelling, which is why the video postcard came to mind,” she said.

With a turnaround time of just under a month, Angelique and the team at Red Paper Plane were able to bring her ultimate vision to life.

Using the 7” Video Screen Brochure, the team was able to achieve the client’s objective - to make an impactful introduction to a new group of cotton growers - while never compromising on quality, effectiveness or space. One of the biggest advantages of Red Paper Plane’s video brochures is that you can enhance your brand’s marketing through both audio and visual queues. If done right, this can translate into better brand loyalty as well as increased sales and leads.

In fact, the piece had resulted in about 18 calls in just a few weeks.“For every lead this generates, that’s potentially a very big number for them [the client],” Angelique said, who added that the finished piece was “beautiful” and “well executed”.

“I think the impact of a piece like that in your mailbox, first of all, in terms of size and shape, curiosity is just piqued,” Angelique said. “I think anyone would look for anything that’s in a box versus in an envelope."

CMO-ToGo Generates New Leads with 7" Video Screen Brochure

CMO-ToGo Generates New Leads with 7" Video Screen Brochure