College Encourages Alumni to “Be the Light” by Donating to the School

College Encourages Alumni to “Be the Light” by Donating to the School

College Encourages Alumni to “Be the Light” by Donating to the School

Who: McDaniel College

Their Industry: Higher Education

Their Audience: Prospective students and alumni

Their Challenge: Persuade prospective students to choose McDaniel College and encourage alumni to “be the light” by donating to the school.

Our Solution(s): Video Brochure

The Main Pro: Combining the visual and auditory elements of video with the tactile touch of print make video-in-print brochures remarkably engaging and persuasive. Besides being unique, interesting and exciting, each of these interactive pieces offer a lot of real estate for brand messaging.

According to this report, in 2020, 86% of businesses used video as a marketing tool. Of those, 93% said it’s an important part of their overall marketing strategy, so it was only natural for McDaniel College to adopt the technology to suit their needs.


Using two versions of our 7” HD Video Brochure, the school wanted to highlight two long-form videos they had created as a way to engage with prospective students and alumni. One brochure, which features the story of a faculty member and graduating student, includes alumni survey data which emphasizes the impact faculty had on them during their time at McDaniel College. The second, which features the story of an alumnus and scholarship student, includes the school’s motto: Be the Light.

The team customized each of the Video Brochures with McDaniel College’s signature green branding and logo. When each mailer is opened, the HD video included in the piece automatically begins playing.

The feedback has been terrific. Students really seem to be relating to the faculty member video - as evidenced by an increase in admissions and, seeing how “being the light” effects a student, has had a real impact on their alumni donations.