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Build Awareness With Video Brochure Marketing

Build Awareness With Video Brochure Marketing
August 6, 2019

Who: Miles-McClellan Construction (B2B Digital Marketing Agency: Minds On)

Their Industry: Construction Management

Their Audience: Repeat & New Customers

Their Challenge: To create a physical piece to include in their promotional package as a way to (re)introduce Miles-McClellan’s March Madness campaign.

Our Solution: 4.3" Video Screen Brochure

The Main Pro: Video is a powerful tool to promote and grow your business. Videos create unique opportunities for brands to connect with their target audience, fostering engagement, lead generation, and sales. Combine Video with a high-impact printed format, and your campaign is sure to be a success.

90% of consumers indicate that product videos directly inform purchasing decisions ( Forbes). What’s more, 51.9% of marketing experts agree that video offers businesses the best return on investment. These compelling statistics resonated with Kelly Zemcik, Marketing Manager at Miles-McClellan Construction.

For the last three years, Miles-McClellan has executed a successful campaign around March Madness. “2018 was our first time dabbling in video. We received a lot of positive feedback on that particular campaign, so I was pretty adamant we incorporate [video] again this year,” Zemcik said.

“For the clients who had seen the campaign the year before, I wanted to use a video as a reminder. We also had new clients on our distribution list, so this video gave them a taste of what was in store,” said Zemcik. “You never see Video Brochures being used as Marketing tools in the Construction industry. We were able to draw attention to our campaign, while engaging recipients in a way we hadn’t before. Red Paper Plane's product is competitively priced, with a faster turn around, so the rest was history,” she said.

“We were working under a strict timeline, and Red Paper Plane's customer service was excellent,” said Kyle Hanna, Creative Director at Digital Agency, Minds On. “They helped us identify a solution that would accommodate our deadline, and answered every question along the way. The templates were easy to follow, and the final product was of exceptional quality.”

“Overall, I was very pleased with my experience with Red Paper Plane,” Kelly said. “The people I worked with were great. Their team had a sense of urgency and were very attentive. Always checking in with updates and on my overall satisfaction. Firms have asked me who produced the Video Brochures and I’m happy to refer them to Red Paper Plane!”

Video in print has proven to be the most engaging form of direct mail. Get started today with our Direct Mail Video Brochures

Video in print has proven to be the most engaging form of direct mail. Get started today with our Direct Mail Video Brochures