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Create Interactive and Engaging Direct Mail

Create Interactive and Engaging Direct Mail
December 22, 2020

In today's marketing landscape, direct mail really needs to stand out. Your customer receives a lot of mail, and you want yours to say "open me," and also "follow up with me." In short, you want to generate leads and revenue, and you can't do that unless your direct mail is engaging.

Perhaps you've sent a traditional brochure for years and haven't achieved the results you would like, so why not break out of the mold a bit?

One more affordable way to do that is with dimensional mail − a piece that may deliver flat but opens up into a shape or a useful keepsake, or slides out to reveal additional information.

Red Paper Plane offers Pop Up Mailers in a variety of shapes, each customizable with your message, logo and artwork. These are great for calendars, announcements, event invitations and more. Some of these can be Desktoppers that hold pens, bear calendars or just have a unique shape your audience will want to display.

Other options include Image Changing Mailers, great for before and after or problem and solution messages, as well as invitations and announcements. Here are some Image Changing Mailers to check out on Red Paper Plane:

  • Our Flapper® design opens up into several panels to tell a never-ending story. You can capture your audience's attention with a catchy headline and then continue engaging them with more detailed information. Coming in 4 sizes, ranging from Mini to Tablet, this design is one your audience won't want to put down.
  • Red Paper Plane's Wonder Wheel Reveal uses a die-cut slot to allow the recipient to spin a tab and reveal a new image. You might also like our Wonder Wheel Window, which includes a die-cut window with a bottom tab wheel that can be rotated to reveal new images. Imagine telling your story with this interactive design!
  • Our Magic Changing Picture allows users to pull a tab to reveal a new image and message. It measures 7" x 5", so there's plenty of room for your copy on the reverse side.

One of our most creative and engaging direct mail marketing designs, Our Flapper

If you really want to engage your customers, you might create Video Brochures and Mailers that contain LCD screens with video messages. These can be used to educate your customers about a product or service, showcase a destination, or send a personalized message from leadership or a spokesperson. Red Paper Plane offers a variety of these direct mail pieces, each easily customizable on our website.

One of our most creative and engaging direct mail marketing designs, the Video Brochure

Web Key Brochures are also a great way to get your message across in an interactive way. Red Paper Plane offers two options for these mailers, each with a detachable drive programmed with a specific URL for easy viewing.

One of our most creative and engaging direct mail marketing designs, the Web Key Mailer

Another engaging format is our Virtual Reality Viewers. These are customizable cardboard or coated cover stock viewers that hold your smartphone and drive customers to an interactive, sensory experience that's sure to be memorable.

One of our most creative and engaging direct mail marketing designs, the VR Viewer

Do you have questions about making your direct mail more interactive and engaging? We're here to help. Contact us at 860-469-3200.



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