DataPath Stays Top of Mind with the Flapper®

DataPath Stays Top of Mind with the Flapper®

DataPath Stays Top of Mind with the Flapper®

It’s a problem businesses run into all the time: How can we keep our brand relevant but still stay top-of-mind?

This was the question on the mind of Thomas O’Banion, Marketing Communications team lead at DataPath, Inc. when he and his team were tasked with a recent brand awareness campaign.

DataPath, Inc., which creates cloud-based solutions for third party healthcare benefits administration, has been serving the industry longer than its competitors, O’Banion said. As such, the company sought to show prospects why they’re still relevant all these years later.

“We’ve been in our industry longer than anyone else and we were trying to highlight the story of our brand and our company,” O’Banion said. “We have three different keys we try to promote: Experience, Technology and Customer Support. The Flapper was a good way for us to promote our theme and use those different aspects in different ways for people to see them. It seemed like it was best suited for what we’d like to accomplish.”

The Flapper®, one of more than a dozen designs offered on, is one of Structural Graphics’ exclusive patented designs. What makes it so unique is the way it folds continually in on itself, revealing four separate layers of messaging ranging from text, photographs and even QR codes.

Businesses can choose from sizes ranging from mini (3.5” x 2.5”) to tablet (9.5” x 7.25”).

“It keeps people engaged, and that’s really what we were looking to do; keep people engaged and keep their interest,” O’Banion said.

Though the piece, which went out to around 800 third party administrators in May of 2018, wasn’t meant for conversion, O’Banion and his team believe that it achieved its goal.

“It grabs your attention,” he said. “We did all the artwork, everything in-house so we have a lot of vested interest in this. It took us a long time to figure out exactly what we were going to do, but it turned out really well.

“A day or two after it dropped, we received a call from a prospect and, first, he asked us where we got the product, so we had referred him to [Red Paper Plane]. Second, we had talked for a few minutes and we had actually set up a demo with him, so it achieved everything we were looking for."