Dimensional Marketing in Less Than 5 Minutes

Dimensional Marketing in Less Than 5 Minutes

If you’ve ever picked up a dimensional marketing piece, you know it is impossible to put down. These pieces pop up, pull, slide, turn, and reveal something totally unexpected. From high fashion to high tech, from beverages to banking, America’s top brands have turned to dimensional formats to stand out, be remembered, and get higher returns on their marketing dollars.

Want to see these pieces in action? Our sister company, Structural Graphics, has partnered with PaperSpecs to produce a free webinar, “Dimensional Marketing: How to Stand Out in the Crowd.” The webinar demonstrates the process of transforming your brilliant creative sketches into fully functional, three-dimensional, interactive print projects.

Watch these pieces in action. Flat mailers explode into 3D cubes. Flaps open and close. Sliders move in and out dimensional pieces to reveal hidden compartments. You won’t be able to look away!

Although most people associate dimensional marketing with longer runs, here’s the exciting thing. By using the power of engineering (and a lot of really hard work!), we at Red Paper Plane have brought many of these powerful, captivating, and innovative dimensional formats into an online, template-based environment.

Right on our website, anyone can produce tactile, interactive pieces like the Pop-Up Cube, the Exploding Page, and the Flapper. They are no longer exclusive to the world of long runs! Simply access the templates, upload your images, view the online 3D proof, and complete your project. (You can download the templates and work offline, as well.) Because our workflow is designed around digital production, these pieces are not only easy to create, but you can print them in runs as short as 50.

Think dimensional marketing isn’t accessible to you? Think again!