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EI Microcircuits Captures Potential Customers' Attention with The Flapper®

EI Microcircuits Captures Potential Customers' Attention with The Flapper®
February 22, 2019

The way she tells it, Karisa Lehmann just had to know where the marketing piece she’d received from one of her firm’s suppliers was from.

“This is really cool. I want to know who did this,” she said. “I searched and searched and I couldn’t find anything that looked similar to what I’d received. So, I ended up contacting our supplier’s marketing department and asked if they could tell me where they got [the piece] from. They responded by saying yes and happily sent me Red Paper Plane’s information.”

It just so happens that at the time, Karisa’s company, EI Microcircuits, Inc. wanted to promote their Ninja Circuits prototype services to prospective customers.

“We wanted to find a creative way to display our solutions that paired well with our brand. To have a piece that has a fast turnaround just like our prototype process was a must," she said.

The design Karisa and her team chose is called The Flapper®. It’s a patented design trademarked by Structural Graphics (Red Paper Plane’s parent company) and can be customized on RedPaperPlane.com.

What’s so unique about its design is that it continuously folds into itself allowing for multiple panels to showcase graphics and brand messaging.

The interactive piece has a number of components to it, including a six-part set of ninja eyes, which Karisa said she was able to visualize via the Red Paper Plane interface during the design process.

“I went through your website and used the template that was given,” she said. “It was very helpful. I was able to gauge where the bleeds and the fold lines were which saved me time from having to set them up myself.”

And the piece didn’t disappoint.

“The colors were vibrant; the pictures were clear and the information flowed very nicely,” she said. “[Our team] was very excited to hand them out.”