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Engaging an Audience with an Exclusive Promo Contest

Engaging an Audience with an Exclusive Promo Contest
September 24, 2019

Who? Jim Moran & Associates

Their industry: Automotive finance and insurance solutions

Their audience: Car dealerships nationwide

Their challenge: “[Launching] a contest where customers could win a trip to either The Atlantis in the Bahamas or The Breakers in Palm Beach,” says Incentive Compliance Analyst Stefano Bontempo.

In other words, running a promotional campaign with clear, enticing messaging.

Our solution: The Surprise Slider - the aptly-named marketing mailer containing pop-up boxes that emerge as you slide out a contained panel.

The main pros: You can’t ignore it even if you try. At first, a tab immediately invites user interaction. Then, as you pull out the inner panel, two cubes literally jump out from an inner enclave and demand to be examined.

With the JM&A card, those boxes contained details on the two distinct trips that their promotion centered around. And, as Bontempo affirms, the Slider attracted its desired attention:

“It was really professionally done and it worked in terms of, you know, surprising our customers. Everybody thought it was awesome.”