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Enovate Medical used the Well Box Mailer to send promotional items and materials

Enovate Medical used the Well Box Mailer to send promotional items and materials
September 15, 2021

Who: Enovate Medical

Their Industry: Medical

Their Audience: Iintegrated Delivery Networks (IDNs) across the United States

Their Challenge: Reaching customers and increasing brand awareness

Our Solution: The Large Well Box Mailer

The Main Pro: Establishing and strengthening relationships is more effective when promotional items and materials are received in a custom-branded Large Well Box Mailer.

Enovate Medical wanted to creatively introduce their company, products and services to large IDNs across the Nation. In looking for options, they came across the Red Paper Plane website where they found the Large Well Box Mailer. It’s size and capacity, the ample real estate it offered for messaging, and its quick turn production timeline made it the perfect choice for their direct marketing effort.

We had the chance to speak with Dawn Wilson, Content and Event Marketing Manager at Enovate Medical. She was impressed with the professional customer service she received, as well as the quick turnaround time of her production.

In speaking about the campaign, Dawn said “many of the large IDN’s were not familiar with the Enovate brand. The prospect of the mailer box serving multiple functions was an attractive and exciting Idea. The box was interesting and unique, a great way to convey our messaging and a perfect gift box to house the branded wireless phone charger that was part of the campaign. We added a QR code to the box leading our customers to a video Introducing Enovate Medical and a message from our CEO, Bob Brolund and Kevin Bridges, VP of Marketing and New Business.

“Within a couple of days of sending them out, we had a 25% scan rate on the QR code,” said Dawn. That success inspired Enovate Medical to order a second round of Large Well Box Mailers to send out to even more customers. The boxes arrived quickly.

We’re so happy to hear about the success of their campaign and can’t wait to work with Enovate Medical in the future.