Event Invitations That Will Surely Pique Interest of Guests

Event Invitations That Will Surely Pique Interest of Guests

Event Invitations That Will Surely Pique Interest of Guests

Who: The Katharine Hepburn Cultural Arts Center

Their Industry: Cultural Arts

Their Audience: Patrons of The Kate

Their Challenge: Send an invitation that will pique their patron’s interest

Our Solution: The Jackknife

The Main Pro: The hidden panels allows for ample room to display their message


Opened in 2009, The Katharine Hepburn Cultural Arts Center (known as The Kate) has been committed to bringing diverse arts and culture to Connecticut for all ages. This year, The Kate honored celebrated actor Sam Waterston with their prestigious “Spirit of Katharine Hepburn Award” at the annual Kate Gala. They wanted an invitation that would capture attention and pique interest in the event from their patrons. They found it with the Jackknife from Red Paper Plane.

In speaking with Robin Andreoli, Director of Development and Community Relations, we learned about the significance of this yearly event and its importance to The Kate and their patrons. “This year it was especially important that we send a memorable invitation as this event represented us being able to come back to host performing arts again.” The Kate wanted to promote their gala as a celebration of being together again given the devastating effect the pandemic has had on the entire arts community. Robin knew a traditional invitation wouldn’t cut it.



“We were sending the invitation to hundreds of people, so we wanted it to grab their attention, pique their interest and generate a response.” The die cut tab at the top of the Jackknife pulls out a hidden panel. The unusual opening action makes you want to keep reading more. “It’s terrific, it’s fun, and it’s really effective when you can lead your reader to the heart of your message in such a compelling way.”

The event was a huge success; completely sold out with over 200 people in attendance. We tip our hats to everyone at The Katharine Hepburn Cultural Arts Center for putting on such a celebration of the arts. We’re already looking forward to next year’s gala!