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Eze Castle Uses the Small Well Box to Promote their Services to New Prospects

Eze Castle Uses the Small Well Box to Promote their Services to New Prospects
March 17, 2019

Amanda Daly and her team at Eze Castle, a leading provider of technology solutions to the investment management industry, know how to think outside the box.

The Boston-based marketing specialist recently created a direct mail piece using Red Paper Plane’s Small Well Box template to turn new prospects onto the company’s Cloud-based solutions.

“I’m not sure how we first heard about you, but we did a project with you guys and we were impressed,” she said. “So, we wanted to experience different items or products that you had. We saw that you had a type of box that would benefit us and could hold a pair of socks we wanted to send to new prospects.”

So, Amanda and her team began conceptualizing.

Using Photoshop, they created the design using the company’s logo, graphics and colors, then uploaded it to Red Paper Plane’s online interface.

“On the front of the box it says, “We’ve got your Cloud journey covered from head to toe” to capture [recipients’] attention. Then they open the box and see our logo with more information on our Cloud Solution and how we can help them start their cloud journey. ”

In the well was a pair of socks with clouds on them to promote the company’s Cloud services.

“I went back and forth with two customer service representatives and they’ve both been great,” Amanda said. “I know that when I have a question, they’ll get back with an answer in a timely fashion or, if I’ve got a concern, they’ll provide a suggestion. They’re always there to help and that’s been great.”

The piece, which was shipped to about 480 new prospects across the U.S., has already been getting some buzz.

“Colleagues have been saying that it looks nice; that it’s a nice piece to send out to potential prospects,” Amanda said. “And the sales team, you know, same thing. They enjoy that we’re doing something, I guess you could say, out of the box, because it’s very different than what you typically see for a promotional item.”