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Financial Center First Credit Union (FCFCU) Uses The Flapper® To Reach a Younger Generation

Financial Center First Credit Union (FCFCU) Uses The Flapper® To Reach a Younger Generation
May 6, 2019

It's a big question among marketers: How can we capture the fleeting attention of today's youth? Research shows that interactive content - particularly interactive PRINT content - has been outpacing other mediums for years and isn't slowing down.

So, when Indianapolis-based Financial Center First Credit Union's (FCFCU) newest campaign development manager, Courtney Cooper, got her hands on one of Red Paper Plane's patented Flapper® designs, she knew it was just the ticket to marketing her firm's offerings to younger generations.

The credit union was on the verge of launching a new student account.

We wanted something that would really resonate with people who are younger," Courtney said. "We wanted something really different and eye-catching. Something that they wouldn't be able to put down."

And the Flapper® was the perfect vehicle for that.

One of more than a dozen designs offered on RedPaperPlane.com, it's unlike anything else because of the way it folds continually in on itself, revealing four separate layers of messaging. Businesses can choose from sizes ranging from Mini (3.5" x2.5 ") to Tablet (9.5" x 7.25").

"I did see research showing that these types of pieces are not likely to be thrown away," Courtney said. "They stick with people more and I think it's exciting to be able to play with a marketing piece."

The piece is set to be distributed to students living and attending school within IO counties around Indianapolis.

"The product came early, which is really great," she said. "I've only heard positive feedback from people in our [target] age demographic. I, personally, think it's going to really help meet our objectives."