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First American Increases Visibility with Video in Print

First American Increases Visibility with Video in Print
June 7, 2018

First American Equipment Finance, an equipment finance provider focused on technology hardware, software and other infrastructure improvements, was facing the same marketing challenges that many small businesses have endured over the years: How can we increase our visibility among prospects?

According to Julie Kaczor, Associate Vice President of Marketing for the company’s Food and Beverage division, part of solving that problem begins with Red Paper Plane. First American, who has an established relationship with Red Paper Plane and its parent company, Structural Graphics, wanted to create a direct mail piece that would capture the hearts and minds of recipients, hopefully resulting in new business.

And it had to include the company’s new video.

The message of our video was, "We're different from the typical bank because we work exclusively with food and beverage companies, and that's why our clients should consider us." Kaczor said. “We can give them a specific level of service and attention as a result of our industry focus."

With this goal in mind, the First American team set out to create something unique that would still meet their objective. They settled on Red Paper Plane’s 5” Video Brochure. Not only would it highlight the company’s new video, but it would also provide an opportunity to share additional information about the company’s services in a format that would capture people’s attention, not get lost in their email inboxes.

One of the biggest advantages of combining these two mediums is the ability to enhance your brand messaging. Video is highly visual and auditory, which means it’s easier for many people to remember than static, silent words and pictures. When consumers remember your video content, they, in turn, remember your brand. This can translate into better brand loyalty as well as more sales and leads.

Then, there’s the price point.

“We’ve worked with Red Paper Plane in the past on a variety of projects,” Kaczor said. “In particular, we’ve already done the video mailers with you before, so I was confident I could do this project with you at a reasonable price point.”

Though Kaczor said she didn’t actually use the Red Paper Plane interface to design the piece (she chose to have the RPP team upload the files instead), the customer service helped her team create a “modern and clean” project in the end.

“David [Red Paper Plane Project Manager] noticed in a couple of places that it was cropped weird just based on where the margins were placed,” she said. “That actually gave me the opportunity to adjust my design before print, which ensured we were happy with the final product."

First American Increases Visibility with 5" Landscape Video Brochure

First American Increases Visibility with 5" Landscape Video Brochure

First American Increases Visibility with 5" Landscape Video Brochure