First American Uses Video to Capture the Attention of Decision Makers

First American Uses Video to Capture the Attention of Decision Makers

First American Uses Video to Capture the Attention of Decision Makers

Here at Red Paper Plane, we’ve been lucky enough to have a long-standing relationship with several of our customers; some have even chosen to work with us after finding us through our parent company, Structural Graphics. Among these customers is First American Equipment Finance.

Desiree Chackal, a Marketing Manager at First American, said that it was because of this relationship that First American decided to go to Red Paper Plane for its most recent marketing campaign.

“Honestly, you guys were first in mind,” she said. “We’ve done video brochures with you in the past both through Red Paper Plane and Structural Graphics, so I knew what to expect with this process and that it would be easy, a quick turnaround and at a good price point as well.”

Desiree, who handles the marketing for the company’s Professional Services Division, wanted to showcase a recent client success video the team had created. It spotlighted how First American helped to finance the move and expansion of an accounting firm in Denver. The objective: To start a conversation.

The Video in Print brochure would be targeted at C-level executives working in professional services like law firms, accounting firms, engineering firms and insurance organizations. Because the audience would be responsible for their companies’ decision making, the piece would have to capture their attention and make an impact.

So, Desiree and her team got to work.

“I love that you can upload your artwork and sort of test it out and, you know, look at it from different angles,” she said. “I worked with [a customer service representative] and he was just extremely helpful in making sure our brand colors were reflected in the way that we wanted them. We had some issues in the past with them being a little off and he was so attuned to those types of details, which I appreciate. I could trust that he would have those things in mind and they would get done."

Once the Video in Print brochure was designed, printed and shipped, each of the sales representatives on her team received 10 pieces to use at their discretion.

“It turned out wonderfully,” Desiree said. “Our team just thinks that it’s a beautiful piece. We’re actually still using them, so we decided to order more than we sent out initially just to have them here to send as we want as a tool for the sales representatives to use.”

And the team was able to personalize them, too.

"We were actually able to record a personalized intro video of the sales representative addressing the recipient by name and why they wanted to share the client success story with them," Desiree said.

In fact, Desiree said she actually received such great feedback that she saved an email from one of the recipients.

"It says it tops anything he's ever gotten, and that's pretty much the best kind of feedback you can get."