Georgia's SRTA Motivates with 3D Pop Up Cubes

Georgia's SRTA Motivates with 3D Pop Up Cubes

Georgia's SRTA Motivates with 3D Pop Up Cubes

Georgia’s State Road and Tollway Authority (SRTA) is a highly customer-service-oriented organization that acts more like a private company. Part of its customer orientation includes an ongoing desire to reinforce its core values and missions.

As part of its effort, SRTA’s agency of record, Creative Outhouse, has developed decorative posters, danglers, and glass etchings for display around SRTA’s offices. For its employee’s desks, Creative Outhouse worked with Red Paper Plane to print a motivational 3” Pop-Up Cube that could sit on their desktops, shelving, or elsewhere in their offices.

“Employees love the Cubes,” notes Rudy Fernandez, creative director for Creative Outhouse. “They are highly vested in the organization, and this is a great reinforcement of their dedication.”

The 3” Pop-Up Cube is delivered in a zip strip envelope. When the strip is removed, the cube explodes into a six-paneled display. Each side displays a core value such as “Integrity,” “Excellence,” and “Diversity.” On the outside of the envelope is printed SRTA’s tagline: “Together, we make our mission work.”

“There were multiple vendors that supplied 3D cubes, but our production manager chose Red Paper Plane because we wanted a lower quantity,” says Fernandez. “We were doing this as an internal piece, not a mass communication. With RPP, we were able to print 250 of them.”

Fernandez wasn’t the only one who was impressed. After seeing the pieces, another creative agency in the building is planning to create one for its employees. “Another agency also thought it was really neat and is recommending it to a client,” Fernandez says.

Most importantly, the SRTA loved it. “They loved the whole campaign, the colors, the pop-up boxes,” the creative director beams. “Even the pop-up element of the Cube. It was a wonderful surprise.”

As with any organization, it’s important to remind employees of their mission and why they come to work every day. “One of the ways they continue that is to make sure the core values are ever present in posters, break rooms, wherever they look,” Fernandez concludes. “The Pop-Up Cube was a great way to kick off this internal campaign.”

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