Hartford School of Insurance Creative Mailer

Hartford School of Insurance Creative Mailer

Hartford School of Insurance Creative Mailer

When the Hartford School of Insurance, a leader in the insurance education industry, sought to create a mailer that would capture the attention of new customers, they knew just where to go: Red Paper Plane.

“Red Paper Plane is widely known across our organization for providing high quality products and even better customer service,” said Alyssa Frechette, Marketing Communications Consultant for the school, via email. “So it wasn’t difficult for us to make our choice.”

According to Frechette, HSI has spent the better part of a year working to design an interactive mailer that was equal parts informative and fun. The purpose? To attract new customers from across the country and educate them on the training programs available through the school.

After requesting a free sample packet from Red Paper Plane, Frechette and the rest of the team at HSI said they saw the Flapper and knew right off the bat that it was the kind of piece they were looking for.

“The Flapper is ideal for many reasons,” Frechette said. “Not only does it offer plenty of real estate in terms of design, but it is so interactive that it encourages the recipient to hold onto it. It’s like four postcards in one!”

Because the Flapper is such a multi-faceted piece, Frechette said that she was initially intimidated at the thought of designing it.

“I had a lot of anxiety around designing [creative] for the Flapper,” she said. “I wanted to make sure that it was perfect and the interactive uploading process [on Red Paper Plane’s website] allowed me to do just that! It was so easy to place the artwork on each panel and see the entire mailer ‘in action’. Plus it allowed me to show my colleagues so that they could get a true sense of the final product.”

Now that the mailer has been delivered, Frechette said the piece has been delivering on all fronts. The Flapper turned out so well, in fact, that HSI is currently working on a Pop Up Cube for 2017.

Hartford School of Insurance Creative Mailer Captures the Attention of New Customers Using the Tablet Flapper