Holiday Cheer That Lasts All Through The Year

Holiday Cheer That Lasts All Through The Year

Holiday Cheer That Lasts All Through The Year

Who: TPS Printing

Their Industry: Advertising Agencies

Their Audience: Existing Customers

Their Challenge: To create an engaging and unique holiday card that would stand out from competitors, keeping their brand top-of-mind.

Our Solution: The Surprise Slider

The Main Pro: The two hidden cubes stick around as desktop displays long after the holiday season, serving as a lasting impression of your brand.

According to Graphic Designer, Chelsea Wissing, the team began researching ideas in October so they could send their cards to recipients before the New Year. The search ended when she stumbled upon the Surprise Slider on Red Paper Plane’s website.

“I wanted to make this year's holiday card a little more personal,” she said. “We liked that this design had so much real estate for our creative, so we could include a personal note and our company contact information. We also displayed a picture of us to provide a humanized aspect of the company - not just 'some Online company' you had never seen before.”

The finished project was a success! So much so that the owner’s family used the same format for their own holiday card the following year.

“We loved how the company holiday card turned out,” Chelsea said. “It was meant to say ‘thank you for your business and loyalty’. We’ve received lots of calls and emails from recipients. One woman said she was with her granddaughter when she opened it. She just couldn’t stop laughing, thinking it was the coolest thing, like a toy had popped out at them. So, that right there was worth the investment in doing something like this.”