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Holiday Greetings Clients Look Forward To Year After Year

Holiday Greetings Clients Look Forward To Year After Year
August 27, 2020

Who: Quality Tech Services

Their Industry: Packaging & Outsourcing

Their Audience: Medical Device Companies

Their Challenge: Having benefited from the use of dimensional print prior, Quality Tech Services (QTS) wanted a unique 3D holiday card; one that would stand out from the dozens of other cards their customers would receive.

Our Solution: The Holiday Tree Card

The Main Pro: Open the card and interlocking die cut strips mesh into dimensional holiday tree shape, creating a perfect desktop reminder of your brand.

“Red Paper Plane’s holiday cards delight our customers. They have become something they collect and keep year after year,” said Jenna Adair, Marketing Communications Coordinator at QTS. “We chose the Holiday Tree Card design because of how the trees pull together. We liked how that made the card come to life,” said Sarah Thomas, QTS Marketing Communications Specialist.

The team at QTS has been working with Red Paper Plane for years in large part because of how seamless the process of designing and working with customer service is. According to Sarah and Jenna though, their favorite part is the product videos.

“I love that you guys do videos,” Jenna said. “You can really see how they pop up or expand in some way, which I think is very important with dimensional print. They’re really helpful to get a good visual of what you’re really looking at and interested in purchasing.”

As for the quality of the finished cards, Sarah and Jenna said they were very impressed. “We’ve been using Red Paper Plane for several years and plan to continue to do so.” Jenna said. “I think our customers would be disappointed if we just sent them a basic card. We look forward to creating something new and different each year.”

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