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Hospital CEOs Receive a Direct Mail Surprise

Hospital CEOs Receive a Direct Mail Surprise
July 1, 2020

Who: Envision Healthcare

Their Industry: Healthcare

Their Audience: Hospital CEOs and Executives

Their Challenge: To create an inexpensive marketing piece targeted at C-suite hospital staff that wouldn't get lost in the shuffle.

Our Solution: The Surprise Slider

The Main Pro: Surprise! - Slide out the panel and two hidden cubes unexpectedly pop out into full, dimensional shape, sticking around as desktop displays.

Envision Healthcare first discovered Red Paper Plane while attending the 2019 HOW Design Live Conference, leading to two Flapper® campaigns that same year. They came back to us in early 2020 to design a new piece aimed at convincing top-tier healthcare professionals to allow Envision Healthcare to help staff their hospital.

“Everyone was concerned about staying under budget and making an impact in a different way, while still being able to have control over the design and the messaging,” said Heather O'Connor, Envision Healthcare Graphic Design Manager. "We thought there was a lot of opportunity with the Surprise Slider because it not only hit the mark, but allowed us to cover a lot of ground in terms of creative."

The end result completely met Envision Healthcare's expectations. "It was a really positive experience from our team’s perspective,” Heather said. “It was such a unique piece that we hadn’t designed before. It ended up being a very eye opening, insightful, and collaborative working experience amongst my team, and we came away with a seamless product."