How to Effectively Use Pop Up Mailers

How to Effectively Use Pop Up Mailers

How to Effectively Use Pop Up Mailers

Pop-up direct mail, or dimensional direct mail, is a great way to really capture your audience's attention and get your message across. Unlike traditional letters or brochures, these pieces "pop-up" into unique shapes that tell a story and tend to get a higher response rate than traditional direct mail.

Ideally, pop-up mail should be part of a larger marketing campaign that includes e-mails, phone calls and other elements, with the dimensional mail as the final "goodie" in the campaign.Three-dimensional direct mail is a great way to make a statement and drive results. Unlike traditional direct mail, three-dimensional, or pop-up, mail is packaged so that it opens or automatically expands out into a dimensional shape. Some great reasons to use three-dimensional mail includ

One important key in effectively using pop-up mailers is to link your message with the shape. Think about your company's unique brand and how it fits into the shape, just as you would think about how it fits into a logo or the colors you use. Does a cube fit with your image and with your message? Would a polygon be better? What surfaces do you need to write copy on?Ideally, your three-dimensional mailing will be part of a larger campaign. You want to use this as the premium piece in a series of marketing efforts, such as phone calls, online marketing and emails.

Also, take the time to plan out your mailing. Develop a good, honed list for the mailing. A list of about 100 is a great target, as dimensional mail tends to be on the expensive side. You could go above this, but make sure you really know you're audience. Perhaps this mailer comes after you've honed your list in the process of trade show contacts, traditional mailers, phone calls, e-mails and other marketing initiatives, so you know this list includes those truly interested in your product or service.Say you're launching a new product. You'll undoubtedly have press releases and emails to a target audience, and perhaps even online advertisements, to garner excitement. But perhaps you want to hone your target list and invite your top prospects to a private [virtual] product demonstration. This is a good place to use three-dimensional mail. Send a unique invitation to the event with a clear call to action — perhaps an online RSVP that includes an option for a follow-up call or email for those who are interested but can't make the event. Later, you can evaluate the effectiveness of your mailing based on the response rate.

Decide how you are going to track responses, and have a clear call to action. Some ideas are a visit to a website use Google Analytics or another digital tracking mechanism to measure the response), a call to get more information track calls to a particular number-or an RSVP to an event followed up by attendance, which is easy to measure.

Think, too, about the longevity of the message. This piece is likely to sit around for a while. If it's an invitation to an event, make sure the piece itself is something the end user will want to keep around for a while, either because of its functionality − as in a pencil holder or notepad − or as a memento of the event.

Red Paper Plane Solutions

Red Paper Plane offers a variety of pop-up mailers designed to give that "wow" effect you're looking for in marketing a special event, launching a new product or simply reaching a very targeted audience with your message. Our products are easily customizable with your graphics and unique message, and we can either mail to your mailing list for you, or ship the product to you.

Some of our best sellers are our center pop, delivered in an envelope with a rubber band-activated message that springs from the center, and our surprise slider, which opens up into a cube. that can hold a product sample or small gift.

For something a little different, you might try our polygon pop-up, which offers a different shape with multiple sides for messaging, or our pop up pen holder, which not only gets the message across but has a practical purpose for the end user as well..

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