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How to Use 3-Dimensional Mail to Drive Results

How to Use 3-Dimensional Mail to Drive Results
February 5, 2021

Three-dimensional direct mail is a great way to make a statement and drive results. Unlike traditional direct mail, three-dimensional, or pop-up, mail is packaged so that it opens or automatically expands out into a dimensional shape. Some great reasons to use three-dimensional mail include:

  • Longevity. These pieces tend to stick around for a while. People show them off, keep them on their desks or use them as intended. They're less likely to hit the junk mail bin and more likely to continue spreading your message − both to your intended recipient and to others who see it.
  • High Perceived Value. These are classy pieces, with a lot of thought put into them. They look nice and send the message that you're really serious about gaining the recipient's business.
  • High Response Rate. These pieces tend to get more of a response than flat mailers or letters. In fact, the Direct Marketing Association puts the response rate as high as 8.5 percent for business-to-business three-dimensional mail.

Ideally, your three-dimensional mailing will be part of a larger campaign. You want to use this as the premium piece in a series of marketing efforts, such as phone calls, online marketing and emails.

Say you're launching a new product. You'll undoubtedly have press releases and emails to a target audience, and perhaps even online advertisements, to garner excitement. But perhaps you want to hone your target list and invite your top prospects to a private [virtual] product demonstration. This is a good place to use three-dimensional mail. Send a unique invitation to the event with a clear call to action — perhaps an online RSVP that includes an option for a follow-up call or email for those who are interested but can't make the event. Later, you can evaluate the effectiveness of your mailing based on the response rate.

Remember that your mailing should have the following qualities in order get the best results:

  • Personalized
  • Trackable
  • Targeted
  • Clear call to action
  • A specific offer for the recipient (e.g., "come to our private demonstration" or "sign up for a one-month trial")
  • Consistent with your company's image and branding
  • Clearly outlined benefits for the recipient

Red Paper Plane Solutions

Red Paper Plane offers a variety of turnkey three-dimensional mail options that can easily be customized online. Once customized, we do all the printing and then ship the pieces directly to you or to a mailing list you provide. Our unique, interactive pieces are designed for that "wow" factor — the crowning glory of your marketing campaign.

Our Pop Up Mailers are great choices for three-dimensional mail, but we also offer a variety of other unusual direct mail pieces that appeal to a wide range of industries. Consider Desk Toppers like our Fold Out Pyramid and Hexagon Pen Pot, or Promotional Well Boxes that can hold a product sample or small gift.

Interested in Red Paper Plane's other direct mail product lines? Check out our Image Changing Mailers, Hidden Message Mailers or Greeting Cards.

Questions? Visit www.redpaperplane.com or call us at 860-469-3200.



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