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Innovative Real Estate Calls for Innovative Marketing

Innovative Real Estate Calls for Innovative Marketing
July 17, 2020

Who: Transwestern

Their Industry: Commercial Real Estate

Their Audience: Brokers

Their Challenge: To raise awareness of an innovatively designed new property located in a sub-market that few brokers pay attention to.

Our Solution: The Center Pop

The Main Pro: The Center Pop is a highly effective direct mail solution that ships flat and, upon opening, automatically pops into an innovative counter top display or sales aid.

According to Transwestern's Senior Associate, Matthew Seliger, “We needed something that had ease of use for the recipient. We chose the Center Pop because it delivers a brochure for the building and then pops into something even better."

Aside from raising awareness for the new property, the piece needed to incorporate a nod to its unique design. The innovative building was located near NASA, a feature the Transwestern team sought to portray.

“I thought it was perfect; exactly what we had imagined,” said Transwestern's Client Services Coordinator, Amanda Best. "I was really nervous and hoped it would turn out exactly like the 3D preview on Red Paper Plane's website. Well, it did, and that was pretty amazing."

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