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Interactive Invite Becomes a Functional Desktop Reminder

Interactive Invite Becomes a Functional Desktop Reminder
June 24, 2020

Who: Thought Transformation (client: enrollmentFUEL)

Their Industry: Higher Education

Their Audience: College and university enrollment professionals

Their Challenge: To raise awareness for enrollmentFUEL’s Boat Day campaign and provide clients with a personal touch.

Our Solution: The Center Pop

The Main Pro: The rubber band-activated Center Pop assembles itself. It’s a highly effective and interactive direct mailer, counter top display, or sales aid solution that ships flat, but, upon opening automatically springs into shape, front and center.

Thought Transformation created the piece for their client enrollmentFUEL, who works closely with enrollment leaders to find better and more efficient ways to recruit students to their campus. They included a QR code on the Center Pop which, once scanned, drove recipients to the event website. The mailer was paired with social media posts asking attendees to share everything new they tried at Boat Day.

“We were looking for something different, attention-getting, and fun,” said Brandy Jensen, Director of Marketing Operations. “I think the Center Pop fit all of this criteria… It really helped to emphasize the fun and out-of-the-box thinking that Boat Day is all about. The stand up nature of the card also makes it easier for clients to keep it out for display, serving as a reminder for the event and the Boat Day philosophy.”