JM&A Group Pop Up Cube Event Invitations

JM&A Group Pop Up Cube Event Invitations

JM&A Group Pop Up Cube Event Invitations

JM&A Group wanted to create a promotional piece for an annual incentive contest in which more than 1200 automotive dealers across the country have the opportunity to win big in Las Vegas.

Every year, JM&A Group gives away tons of cash and prizes at the event. “That’s why it’s called ‘Cash Bash,’” says Robert Rosenow, senior graphic arts specialist for JM&A Group.

For the 2015 Cash Bash, the theme is a Big Top circus, and the three-day event will be chock full of shows and activities.

With an event that is so eye-catching and fun, JM&A Group wanted to create a tangible print piece that really stood out amidst its otherwise mostly digital communication plan.

“We wanted something that salesmen would keep on their desks and talk about after having received it,” says Rosenow. “We also wanted something that would fit our theme. The box was perfect because it’s a ‘box of cash,’ and the pop-up aspect made it memorable.”

JM&A printed 1800 of the 3D Cash Bash boxes and mailed them to key dealers who opted in to the program. This provided an attractive way to reinforce the message while giving participating dealers an incentive to keep earning more points.

“They love it,” says Rosenow. “When our field reps go into the dealerships, they see the pop-up cubes sitting on their desks. One guy asked, ‘What agency did this?’ They wanted to do one themselves.”

Enrollment in the 2015 Cash Bash contest ended in early June. The event is being held in October. This great marketing piece will be remembered long after that.