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Karen Hoglund Highlights Award-Winning Dog Photography

Karen Hoglund Highlights Award-Winning Dog Photography
March 6, 2014

Karen Hoglund Photography was able to show off her award-winning dog photography using the 4.25" Pop Up Cube with Belly Band. Karen recently won First Place in the Costco Pet Photo Contest with her photo of Bailey the Beagle that was used on her promotional piece.

Using the Pop Up Cube was a great way for her to highlight some of her best work while reinforcing her personal brand. Karen is using this creative marketing piece for new customer aquisition by distributing to vetrinarian offices, pet stores, dog trainers and pet shows.

Karen told us a funny story about how she heard her dog, Murphy, playing with something downstairs. He came running upstairs with a cube in his mouth and was throwing it up in the air and catching it. While it wasn't intended for this purpose, we were glad to hear Murphy approved too. If you live in the Denver Metro area and want to have a photo session with your pet, give her a call.

"This is something that will stay on their desk for months or even years giving me more brand exposure than anything I've ever used. Everyone LOVES them! They are 1,000 times more effective than a postcard!"

Karen Hoglund Highlights Award-Winning Dog Photography Using 4.25" Pop Up Cube

Karen's dimensional marketing piece has found a permament home in the lobby at the Zoom Room Denver.

Her 1st Place photo of Bailey the Beagle in the Costco Pet Photography Contest.

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Karen Hoglund Photography is located in Denver, CO. Visit her website to see more great examples of her work.