Local Bank Sees 92% Response Rate Thanks to the 4.3” Video Brochure

Local Bank Sees 92% Response Rate Thanks to the 4.3” Video Brochure

Local Bank Sees 92% Response Rate Thanks to the 4.3” Video Brochure

Who: First Bank of Greenwich

Their Industry: Finance

Their Audience: Top Customers

Their Challenge: To send a new and unique “Thank You” to customers

Our Solution: 4.3” Video Brochure

The Main Pro: The 4.3” Video Brochure makes for a memorable way to deliver your message and recipients love it. Thanks to the video brochure, the First Bank of Greenwich saw an astounding 92% Response Rate!


The First Bank of Greenwich is a financial institution with locations in Connecticut and New York. Their motto, “The Bank that comes to you,” is evident in their efforts to show appreciation for their loyal customers. They’ve used television commercials in the past to get this message of gratitude across, but after the last few years, they knew they wanted to do something unique and special. They sought out the help of Red Paper Plane and found great success with the 4.3” Video Brochure.


We had the privilege of speaking with Frank Gaudio, President, and Chief Executive Officer of the First Bank of Greenwich, to discuss their direct mail piece and the reactions they’ve received from customers. Gaudio was sent the same video brochure from another company and knew they had to use it for their own marketing!


“The main goal was to stay in touch with our valued customers and to bring them up to date with the bank’s progress.” Gaudio talked about how he loved the personal aspect of the video brochure, “the message is fun, and the video brochure allowed us to talk directly to the customer. We loved that.”


It hasn’t been long since the video brochures were sent out, and they’ve already seen, and heard, nothing but good things. “A lot of people have asked where we got the video brochure from and want to use it themselves.”


The First Bank of Greenwich saw a 92% response rate thanks to the 4.3” Video Brochure! We can’t wait to work with them in the future, and we look forward to helping them grow that loyal customer base.