LogMeIn Celebrates a Milestone with The Flapper®

LogMeIn Celebrates a Milestone with The Flapper®

LogMeIn Celebrates a Milestone with The Flapper®

We all have them: a big birthday, a major anniversary, an important milestone at work or school. Whatever it is, a big celebration deserves a big effort, so when the team at LogMeIn, a software provider headquartered in Boston, was preparing to celebrate one of their product’s 10th birthday, they knew their marketing had to fit the occasion.

Marketing Programs Manager, Jennifer Chan, said she had heard about Red Paper Plane’s unique direct mail pieces from a supervisor at a previous job and had kept us in the back of her mind ever since.

“When we got the opportunity to do another direct mail piece at my new company, I went back and looked at you guys and found a template that I thought was super engaging and worked well for what we were trying to do,” she said. “I got your sample pack and looked through all your different options. After being able to see them and feel them in person, I was able to select which one I wanted and go from there.”

The way she tells it, one piece, in particular, stood out to her - The Flapper®.

“The project that this was used for was to promote one of our products, LastPass, for our 10-year anniversary campaign. In my mind, I’d envisioned a timeline of our biggest milestones from the past 10 years,” Jennifer said. “In the sample pieces that I saw, one of the examples actually had a timeline on it so it ended up working really well because I could actually envision it.”

The Flapper®, a patented design trademarked by Red Paper Plane's parent company Structural Graphics, is a unique piece that folds into itself allowing for multiple panels to showcase graphics and brand messaging. Not only can it be customized on RedPaperPlane.com, but it also ships flat and can be shipped in a transparent sleeve addressed to the recipient.

For this promotion, the goal was to encourage recipients to upgrade from one product to another. In return, those who signed up would receive a welcome package, almost like a gift.

“We used the 10-year anniversary and birthday idea and wrapped it into one,” Jennifer said. “This piece worked really well because it opens up in a variety of ways and, even though it’s not an actual gift that they’re opening up, it feels special because it’s interactive and gift-like.”

The pieces were distributed to recipients earlier this year, but not before Jennifer and her team snagged a few for themselves.

“We got a few extra printed so we have them around our office,” she said. “We’re able to share them with sales and with the rest of the team to kind of show what the prospect would go through, the process when they were opening it, which was super helpful. It definitely met my expectations.”