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Make a Desktop Calendar a Work of Art

Make a Desktop Calendar a Work of Art
May 20, 2020

Who: eGeneration Marketing

Their Industry: Advertising

Their Audience: Key decision makers at U.S. legal practices.

Their Challenge: Create a branded holiday marketing piece with staying power.

Our Solution: The Polygon Pop Up

The Main Pro: After its surprising activation, the polygon sticks around as a display and lasting reminder of your brand.

According to Marketing Specialist Kellie Mantie, Red Paper Plane's designs were “exactly what I was looking for in terms of shape, price point and dimension. So, I just kind of ran with it. This is our third time working with you."

The eGeneration team wanted to create a pop-up calendar. With its twelve side panels, Red Paper Plane’s Polygon Pop Up was perfect for displaying months and days while the top and bottom showed their branding and a personal message.

“It’s like a little work of art,” Kellie said. “We just loved the idea of having a desktop calendar that doesn’t take up that much space and is really easy to look at every day.”

The polygon holiday promotion received rave reviews.“We’ve always been super impressed with Red Paper Plane,” Kellie said. “The quality is completely unmatched. I still have my [Red Paper Plane] calendar from last year.”