Make Your Event Marketing Rock!

Make Your Event Marketing Rock!

Make Your Event Marketing Rock!

Make Your Event Marketing Rock!

Have an event you need to promote? A trade show booth you want people to stop by? Here are three ways Red Paper Plane dimensional formats—easily designed and ordered online—can boost event traffic and make your prospects take notice.1. Pre-show mailer (3” Pop Up Cube).

Want to create buzz before the event? Try the 3” Pop-Up Cube. The Cube mails in a flat carrier with zip strip. When recipients open the carrier — surprise! The mailer explodes into a 3” cube.

Once unfolded, 3” Pop-Up Cube format gives you six panels of powerful graphics, images, and text to tell your story. Include the booth number, contact information, and graphics related to your line of business. Many of ourclients include an offer, as well. For example, “If you stop by the booth, you’ll get a chance to win an iPad.”

Pop-Up Cubes are always shared with others. This strengthens your brand and extends your message.

2. Show Hand Out & On Display (4.25” Pop Up Cube).

Pop-Up Cubes are available in 4.25” formats, too. Like the 3” cube, they fold up flat (so they are great for hand-outs), but because of their larger size, they also make for a great display in the booth or at your event table.

Hand them out. Stack them up. Pop-Up Cubes can be ordered in quantities as low as 50, so try customizing sets of Cubes for different audiences. 3. Post-show follow-up (Exploding Page)

The Exploding Page makes a dramatic follow-up after the show. They arrive flat, but unfold in a dramatic starburst pattern to a much larger size that reveals an “explosion” of graphics, images, and text.

Like all Red Paper Plane products, Exploding Pages can be ordered in small quantities. This allows you to customize them based on the products attendees showed an interest in. The result is a high-impact mailer that keeps your audience engaged and speaks directly to their area of interest.

These are just three of our many dimensional formats that can help you make an impact for your next event. Visit our products page to see even more.