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Make Your Rebranding Story an Asset

Make Your Rebranding Story an Asset
November 8, 2018

Who? IMV Imaging / BCF Technology

Their industry: Veterinary care via ultrasound technology

Their audience: Medical equipment retailers, veterinary clinics, and farm animal caregivers

Their challenge: As Marketing Associate Bethany McCain explained, “We were doing a rebranding, so we wanted to do some sort of a transformation of the logo in a postcard mailer to our customers.”

So how can a direct mail piece memorably convey a mass rebranding effort?

Our solution: The Magic Changing Picture - a custom mailer that switches its featured image with the pull of a tab.

The main pro: Quickly and compactly telling a two-panel story, such as “before vs. after” or “perception vs. reality.” Or, of course, “old company logo vs. new company logo.”

It truly was the perfect tool for the IMV team. The Changing Picture’s "please-pull-me!" tab engaged the reader and then the message itself came through as clear as day: “Same People, Same Service, More Produce.” Plus, a barn-wood design played up the industry theme.

“Not only did [customers] bring this up in conversations with the sales reps,” McCain said, “but they also let them know that the employees at the clinic had fun with it.” And some of their UK colleagues even said “it was brilliant!”