Making a Big Impression with Telescoping Mailer

Making a Big Impression with Telescoping Mailer

Making a Big Impression with Telescoping Mailer

Romantique Ltd, an established company, needed to let existing customers know about their big news. They were changing their name to Maiden Lane, and at the same time were planning to introduce a new product line, ASPIRI™, featuring diamond engagement rings that make a very big impression as a result of a unique cutting technique that makes the stone appear larger than similar stones of equal carat weight. Ignite2x, the marketing agency for Maiden Lane, knew that a simple mailer wouldn’t, well, cut it.

“We decided on a telescoping mailer,” said Virginia Porcino, Creative Director at Ignite2x, “because the slide/reveal action is symbolic of transformation, and is also a great way to engage the audience.”

The theme of the mailer was “Think Bigger,” representative of both the company’s new mission and bold new product line. It was mailed to jewelry retailers in advance of the annual JCK Luxury Show in Las Vegas, a trade show for the jewelry industry, and invited them to visit the Maiden Lane booth to learn about “Tradition Reimagined,” the tagline and mission of the new company, and to see the breathtaking new ASPIRI product line. As an added incentive they held a raffle, with Google Glass as the prize.

“The mailer really captured people’s attention; you can’t resist sliding it open just to see what’s inside,” said Andrew Morfopoulos, CEO of Ignite 2x. “More importantly, the finished piece conveys a premium, innovative image, which is very important in the jewelry industry.”

The Telescoping Slider is a flat mailing or standalone format with a finished size of 8” x 4.75”. The insert slides in and out of the pocket by pulling a finger tab.

“Working with the Red Paper Plane template was very easy,” said Creative Director Porcino. “And even though we were working within a greatly compressed timeframe, they had no problem meeting our deadline.”