Marketing Trends To Keep an Eye on in 2022

Marketing Trends To Keep an Eye on in 2022

Marketing Trends To Keep an Eye on in 2022

2022 is in full swing and that means marketing professionals everywhere are busy planning their marketing strategy for the year. The biggest question is what trends are going to continue in 2022 and what new trends are we going to see appear? We’ve compiled a list of marketing trends that we think you should keep an eye on and take advantage of in the new year.

1. Google’s Position Zero

Up until now, the main goal for SEO has been to get featured in the first position in Google search results. That goal has now transitioned to achieving “position zero,” or a space above the rest of the results. The position allows for snippets, images, and even a URL to be seen before they even visit your site. Position Zero attracts a lot of impressions and clicks, so making Position Zero a part of your SEO strategy should be at the top of your to do list.

2. Direct Mail is Staying Strong

A recent survey found 75% of consumers are overwhelmed by the number of digital ads they see on a daily basis (SG360). Luckily for you, there are alternatives. With Direct Mail, you can personalize a tangible item that the viewer can interact with. VR Viewers, QR codes, and Video Brochures are taking Direct Mail to another level. If you aren’t investing in Direct Mail, it’s time to start.

3. User Generated Content is Still Going Strong

It’s no surprise that UGC (User Generate Content) is such a great tool to have when marketing. Seeing real customers’ reactions to a product will encourage others to convert. Keep up the UGC and don’t be afraid to use it in other marketing channels, like email.

4. Events Will Continue but In Hybrid Models

With the Pandemic raging on across the globe, many companies and marketers are forced to continue to adapt to the times. Most events will either remain postponed or move to a hybrid format. Digital events and concerts will continue to rule the event landscape which will lead to more surges in social and digital ad spend.

5. Advocacy and Nonprofit Support Take Center Stage

More and more companies have begun supporting nonprofits and advocating for social change. Not only does it do good for your community, but it also gets your brand out there in a good light. The customers of 2022 want to support a business that supports their community and has similar morals.

6. Say Goodbye to Third Party Cookies

Google, Safari, and Firefox have all announced they will be phasing out third party cookies. This is a wake up call for companies and marketers to pivot their marketing strategies and come up with alternatives.

7. The Transition to Account-Based Marketing

Account-Based Marketing, or ABM is the idea that the marketer is targeting a specific customer with personalized content. Both sales and marketing departments must work together to not only sell but turn that customer into an advocate for the company. ABM is here and it’s here to stay.