Mini-Flapper® Promotes Project Graduation

Mini-Flapper® Promotes Project Graduation

Mini-Flapper® Promotes Project Graduation

Metropolitan National Bank, Marshfield, MO branch, wanted to build its brand and do something good for its community. It wanted to be known as the bank that cares and invests in the younger generation, so it turned to Revel Advertising (Springfield, MO) and Red Paper Plane.

The bank partnered with the local high school to raise funds for Project Graduation, a safe alternative for post-graduation festivities. Each graduating class is responsible for raising funds to support its chosen activity, and this year, Metropolitan Bank decided that, for every new account opened during that period, it would make a donation to the project.

The bank planned to spread its message via traditional flyers distributed by the PTO, but Revel knew that flyers risk being tucked away and forgotten. It suggested that, in addition to the flyers, the bank use Red Paper Planes’s Mini-Flapper®(also called the “endless card”). The 3.5” x 2.5” format has four selling panels that turn in succession. The flaps open and close in different configurations, engaging the recipient and encouraging them to more deeply interact with the piece.

The Mini-Flappers® have a real “cool factor,” and Revel suggested that they be distributed by the graduating seniors themselves. This would more deeply vest the seniors in the project, and since the cards would be handed out to friends and family personally, this would increase community investment, as well. At the same time, it would boost Metropolitan Bank’s brand through association.

“We printed more than 1,000 Mini-Flappers® for seniors to hand out to friends, family, co-workers, and anyone else they knew,” says Chris Jarratt, creative director and partner at Revel Advertising. “In addition to boosting community engagement, the Mini-Flappers® have that ‘cool factor’ that seniors want to be associated with.”

The campaign also included a flyer that was handed out to all members of the PTO and the Project Graduation sub-committee. “But the Mini-Flapper® was the key component of the campaign,” says Jarratt.